Automatic generator Refuelling system

There are various options that are available for the refuelling of the generator automatically from a bulk fuel tank.

Basic Refuelling Our basic refuelling system uses a float level switch in the base tank of the generator to control a solenoid that opens and closes when necessary to top up the internal tank of the generator. Basic Refuelling System
Fuel Tutor The combined kit for diesel refuelling is a pre-assembled system manufactured by Visa Spa with the aim of making the application in generating sets easy and affordable. The solid metal box that can be locked with a key houses an electric pump, a solenoid valve, a manual pump and the by-pass ball valves if a fault should occur. The kit can be easily floor or wall-mounted, either indoors or outdoors. Operation is managed by the Guard Evo control panel OR CPC devices, which can be used with the connection of a single cable. The hydraulic connections are made easier by having solid couplings welded onto the Fuel Tutor as well as the built-in tanks on Visa units: if the unit has a canopy it will always have a connecting plate on the outside of the canopy. Fuel Tutor automatic refuelling system