4 Alarm Remote Card

The "4 ALARMS" device is an expansion module designed for use with the "Guard Evolution". When connected to the “Guard Evolution” it allows to remotely signal alarms, warnings or the status of the generating set by mean of its 4 relays. With a proper cabling it can be used to control lamps, buzzers or as an interface to supervision systems such as PLCs.


The device is provided with 4 relays with voltage free changeover contacts (2A. AC1 max 48 V) cabled to dedicated terminals. Each relay is associated to a LED which highlights the status of the contact. The board includes the terminals for the power supply and a RS485 port for connection to the "Guard Evolution". The "4 ALARMS" card was designed to be installed close to supervision equipment. The connection to the "Guard Evolution" is realized via 2 wires connected to the RS485 port. This allows to optimize the wiring and to reduce costs.


Each relay is associated to a different function as shown in the nearby table. Compact size: 120 x 105 x 22 mm.


The module will work up to 1 KM from the "Guard Evolution" controller. The "4 ALARMS" card can be power supplied with 12 or 24 VDC from the battery of a generating set (if the power consumption is compatible with the battery charger capacity) or from an alternative power source. The power supply must be continuous in order to avoid loss of communication. The maximum power consumption of the device is of 3 VA.

Relay Description
Relay 1 Cumulative Warnings
Relay 2 Low fuel level
Relay 3 Engine running
Relay 4 Cumulative Alarms