8 out Remote Card

The "8OUT" card is an expansion module designed for use with the Guard Touch. When connected to the "Guard Touch" via the RS485 MODBus interface it allows to remotely signal alarms and warnings by mean of its 8 relays with voltage free changeover contacts. Each output can have one out of more than 100 different functions including warnings, alarms and commands. Up to four "8 OUT" cards (each with a dedicated address) can be connected on the bus. This device can be used to control lamps, buzzers or as an interface to supervision systems such as a PLC. The functions associated to each output can be programmed directly from the Guard Touch display or through the Guard Touch Software.


The device is provided with 8 relays with voltage free changeover contacts. Each relay is associated to a LED which indicates the status of the output. The device has a RS485 MODBus interface for connection to the "Guard Touch". The "8 OUT card" was designed to be installed close to devices monitoring the generating sets. The connection between the "8OUT card" and the "Guard Touch" is done with 2 wires allowing to reduce cabling and installation costs.


A large number of configurations is possible. Each relay may have one out of more than 100 possible functions. Compact layout: 109x119x22 mm


The maximum distance between the "Guard Touch" and the "8 OUT" is of 1 km. The "8 OUT" can be power supplied with 12 or 24 V DC. The power supply can be connected to a generating set battery. In this case it is necessary to verify that the power absorption may be sustained by the generating set battery charger. In order to avoid loss of communication the power supply must be constant.

Item Description
Power supply 12 or 24VDC +/-15% Max 245mA
Outputs 8 voltage free changeover contacts
Max steady-state current on contacts 2 Amps
Max current on contacts during changeover 0.15A @ 30Vac, 0.15A @ 48VDC
Max contacts insulation voltage 30 VAC, 48 VDC
Fastening mode On "C" shaped DIN guide
Address configuration mode Via 2 deep-switches
Interface to Guard Touch RS485 MODBus
Size 109x119x22 mm
Weight 195 gr
Optical outputs 8 relay status LEDs, 1 RS485 - MODBus communication status LED, 1 Power supply status LED