InSync Controller

The GUARD EVOLUTION automatic device allows automated management of a Mains failure. When the Mains fail Guard Evolution starts the genset according to a pre-set logic, it switches from mains/genset and feeds the User system. When the Mains come back on Guard Evolution switches from genset/mains and proceeds with cooling down the genset and ultimately shutting it down. Main characteristics: clear communication via a large backlit display screen; generating set event analysis through sophisticated algorithms; complete engine and electrical parameters; possibility of integrating additional modules and programme extensions.

The large size screen offers a lot of information on the generating set. Every time it is switched on a screen page appears with all the data required to identify the model and numbers to contact if the customer requires assistance. Large Display
Relays and fuses are placed next to the control panel making them very visible and accessible. Relays and fuses
The emergency stop button is found on the control panel; in case of emergency, it immediately shuts the unit down. Wmergency Stop Button
Fully configurable inputs and outputs are available guaranteeing good data communication with the PLC or BMS. Serial connections and Ethernet are also available to control the unit remotely. Configurable Inputs and Outputs
Besides the many parameters available, there are also additional modules and programme extensions that increase G.EVO's applications. PC Interface Software
The automaitc version has all of the parts that interface with the changeover switch panel or the user system installed on board. Interface with ATS Controller

Controller Functions

  • Language selection (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish)
  • Stop active function
  • Crank engine speed function
  • Password-protected user menu via password to change parameters
  • Programmable maintenance countdown
  • LED signal status of: genset operating normally, genset pre-alarm, genset alarm, genset alarm/block
  • Display selected operating mode
  • Acoustic alarm
  • PC communication with standard RS 485 serial port (Software License Required)
  • Last 16 alarms memorised in the archives (Up to 4000 Events with AMF card)
  • Programmable analogue and digital outputs upon request: fuel reserve, engine maintenance required, system blocked, stop engine activated, engine overspeed, engine underspeed, high engine temperature, low oil pressure, low oil level, low water level, isolated oil pressure sensor wire, failed start, failed engine stop, mechanical arrest, alternator not energised, D+ wire isolated, low battery voltage, high battery voltage, emergency stop button pressed, low generating set voltage, high generating set voltage, genset voltage asymmetry, general system error, electro-ventilator blocked, high generating set current, high oil temperature, high alternator temperature, memory corrupted, low fuel level, high fuel level, genset not in automatic mode.