Standard Generators

Galaxy Canopy

The GALAXY canopy series is designed to satisfy the need for generating sets that combine operation and reduced sound emissions with a compact design that is also suitable for outdoor installation.

The modular design allows it to be versitle and easily used in all sectors from residential to industrial. The canopy structure is built in press-formed, hot-galvanised steel sheet metal. This treatment provides the steel with cathodic protection against possible rust. As with all our products, all the unit's parts are subject to a strict operating test involving over 30 checks prior to delivery.

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Generator silent container canopy

HD Sound Insulating Canopies

The HD Sound Insulating container is built tough. It is specifically designed to be moved around often whilst keeping the generator safe. The HD series represent the right choice for demanding applications that require frequent handling of the units and/or are located in particularly hostile climatic conditions.

NB: These containers do not have the same structural specifications and certifications as transportation containers, such as: Rina and stackability tests (these two features must be agreed upon beforehand, when placing an order, and generate an extra cost in addition to that of the container itself).

High Tech containerized Generator Canopy

HIGH TECH Sound Insulating Containers

Hi Tech containers represent the winning solution offered by VISA and Bundu Power Industrial for all cases requiring a unit that is suitable for open air installation with noise levels that cannot be obtained with standard canopies, which is easily handled and offers contained overall dimensions and costs; these often opposing features can only be combined with an extremely flexible product, such as the Hi tech container. Hi Tech containers are available in ISO standard 20, 25 and 30" sizes, they can house generating sets with powers up to 2000 kVA, and guarantee residual noise levels up to 65 ±3dB(A) at 7m.

Air Cooled Generators

BELL Sound Insulating Canopies

The range of BELL canopies was developed to satisfy the most demanding market demand in terms of sound reduction, with the specific aim of guaranteeing maximum performance with minimum economic impact. Choosing a BELL canopy is especially advantageous in all outdoor stationary installations that require a residual noise level of around 60 dBA@7m.

Generator Baffle Silent Wall

SILENT-WALL Sound Insulating Baffles

Wall-mounted sound insulating baffles represent the winning solution in terms of performance and low costs in all cases where the customer wishes to ensure low residual noise outside of the installation facilities. In fact, concrete or brick structures, by their very nature, offer high sound insulation; Our baffles extend this feature to the required ventilation openings so as to minimise external noise pollution.