Galaxy Canopy

The GALAXY canopy series to satisfy the request for generating sets that combine operation and reduced sound emissions with a compact parallelepiped line that is also suitable for outdoor installation, and is easy to insert in the context of technological systems that are used today in civil, industrial and commercial businesses. The canopies are available in 6 sizes, named GV020 - GV030 - GV060 - GV100 -GV150 - GV200, and house the various engines and powers. The structure is built in press-formed, hotgalvanised steel sheet metal. This treatment provides the steel with cathodic protection against possible rust. As with all Visa products, all the unit's parts are subject to a strict operating test involving over 30 checks prior to delivery.


The canopies are built from modular elements that are assembled together using special structural rivets; this technique has eliminated the need for welding and allows each part to be fully coated with paint prior to assembly, so as to exclude the possible formation of oxide on the attachment points of the various parts, in addition to providing absolute rigidity of the structure.

Each part is painted using carboxylated polyester resin based thermosetting powders that are specifically selected for their resistance to atmospheric agents.

The sound-absorbing insulation is made using specific materials obtained from adequately roughed, layered and thermally-bound Polyester fibres. All sound absorbing materials are firereaction Euroclass Bs2D0.

The exhaust pipes inside the canopy are insulated with special padding made with insulating mineral fibre material that resists temperatures exceeding 500°C and minimises the amount of heat inside the canopy.

Additional side air intakes can be provided for special climatic or installation requirements.
The silencer built inside the canopy is located at its front. Convenient access to this compartment allows the radiator to be easily cleaned.
Access to the rear part is enough to allow easy access for maintenance and to clean the alternator.
Side access always allows total access to one of the sides, and is enough to carry out checks and scheduled maintenance on the engine and alternator.
Side access always includes full access to the control panel and connection terminal blocks. It is possible to monitor the operating status of the generating set through a Plexiglas sight glass.
To improve sound insulation the standard supply includes a sheet metal base, which is divided into three sections, integrated into the frame closing it off; the central part is a sealed basin, fitted with a draining plug, designed to collect any leaks occurring during operation and maintenance of the genset.
Standard Features: Key-locks; Automobile-type gaskets with steel core; Rain cap on the discharge terminal; Drain pipes above the doors.